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​​​​Barcaldine Prep - 12 State School implements the Australian Curriculum from Prep to Year 10. Parents and carers can view ​the Australian Curriculum documentation, by visiting ​the Australian Curriculum website​.​​

Teachers plan collaboratively to deliver contextualised, connected curriculum experiences. In primary, most classes deliver the curriculum in multi-age class structures.

The learning areas are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanities and social science
  • Technology - Digital and Design
  • Th​​​e Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages (French from years five to eight)

Students are provided with the marking guides for assessment tasks across all learning areas. Teachers backward map from the assessment task the plan the teaching and learning sequence, referring to the content descriptions and elaborations in the P-10 Australian Curriculum. Barcaldine promotes visible learning, using learning walls and visible scaffolding to support learners in the classroom environment.

Teachers plan to make learning engaging, fun and hands on for learners. Intentional use of IT is incorporated into the sequence of learning episodes and the school has drones, iPads and robotics equipment.

An orchestral ​music program is available to learners from year 4. The program offers brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. The classroom music program offers opportunities for learners to play instruments which are out of scope for instrumental music including guitar, recorder and tambourines.

Specialist teachers in the secondary sector enhance the arts curriculum in the primary years. Local connections are fostered with community sporting groups and students enjoy playing tennis, netball, football, athletics and swimming.

The senior secondary curriculum offers both ATAR subjects and vocational pathways. Students work with the HOD of Curriculum to make discerning choices about their subjects. Year 10 students (compulsory education stage) remain at school until they turn 16 years of age or finish year 10. This period is followed by a post-compulsory participation stage beyond year 10 where students are required to participate in education and training for a further two years or:

  • Until they have gained a Qld Certificate of Education or
  • Until they have gained a Cert III vocational qualification or
  • Until they turn 17.

Alternatively, after completing their compulsory schooling phase, young people are able to enter the workforce, provided they are in paid work for at least 25 hours a week. It is expected that all students will choose and education program which will allow them to attend a Queensland Certificate of Education upon completion of Year 12.​

We monitor our students carefully throughout​ the year 10-12 period, to ensure students are tracking to exit with either an ATAR or a nationally recognised vocational certificate. SET (Senior Education and Training) plans document progress and planning.

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