Enrolling at our school


​​​​​​​​​General Enrolment

Upon enrolment, a number of forms will be issued to parents/carers for completion. These include:

  • enrolment form necessary for school records or in case of emergency contact if required. This information is treated as confidential.
  • enrolment agreement sets out the responsibilities​ of the student, parents or carers and the school staff about the education of students enrolled at Barcaldine Prep-12 State School.
  • permission form for students to participate in textbook hire schemes, excursions, lunchtime arrangements, publication of photographs and pout-of-school activities.
  • consent form - to use copyright material, image, recording, name or personal information (e.g. public relations, promotion, advertising, use by the media in relation to an individual's participation in school activities or events including musical performances).
  • internet - acceptable use policy and laptop computer borrowing agreement covers the conditions of use for the internet and laptop computers.
All enrolment paperwork can be completed at the school office where assistance and advice may be given where necessary.

All of these forms can be found in our enrolment form (PDF, 556KB).

Families enrolling children for the first time need to provide a birth certificate as proof age. The Principal or Deputy Principal will meet with new parents/carers and their children to discuss details of children's placement will be made until further information is available (e.g. overseas enrolments). If enrolling a student following a period of attendance in another Stat school, we will contact the school through the OneSchool process to ensure enrolment records are updated and transfer requirements are met.

Students enrolling in year one must turn six (6) by 30 June in the year they enrol in Year One.

DoE requires evidence of the date of birth of the child, if not previously sighted during Prep admission. This evidence may take the form of any of the following:

  1. An official Birth Certificate or extract.
  2. A newspaper cutting announcing the birth. Date to be shown.
  3. A certificate from Doctor or Clergyman - provided the date of birth and the year is stated.
  4. A Statutory Declaration made by a parent or guardian and signed by Justice of the Peace (Statutory Declaration forms are available at the Post Office)

​Any parenting orders or custody agreements should be provided on enrolment. If your child becomes the subject of either the above documents after enrolment, it is imperative that you provide a copy of these documents to the administration and make an appointment to share the implications for you child. We keep a copy of these documents on file and inform the class teacher of the arrangements. We work with you and relevant authorities including Child Safety and Queensland Police to ensure these orders are followed. However, we can only do this effectively if documents on file are kept current and any changes are shared immediately with us.​

Prep Enrolment

Every parent wants their child to be happy and successful - at school, in work and in life. We know that children who get a good start in school have more success throughout their learning and their lives. We also know that early problems that are not addressed can be compounded over time. Through focused enrolment interviews with parents we can successfully transition every learner and provide high levels of support to help them achieve positive learning and wellbeing at school.

For Prep Enrolment children must turn five (5) by 30 June in the year they enrol in Prep. The Prep year is also a full-time program and is not compulsory. The above evidence of the date of birth of the child applies before enrolments can be processed. Principals may now consider enrolling (into Prep) satisfied that the child is ready for education after considering the child's attributes. This change provides a one-month period of flexible early entry to children who are considered developmentally ready for school. In making the decision, aptitude and ability, social and emotional competence, physical development, and level of knowledge and understanding will be considered. Parents must complete a written application if you wish your child to be considered for early entry. Please call the principal for more information about early entry applications.

​For more information regarding the transition program of pre-prep to prep, visit our Transition programs page​.

​​​​Use the online calculator​​​​​ to see when y​our child can start Prep. Simply select your child's month and year of birth.

Last reviewed 12 June 2023
Last updated 12 June 2023