A student dress code consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing, which may or may not, include a school uniform that State school students wear when:

  • Attending or representing their school
  • Travelling to and from school, and
  • Engaging in school activities out side of school hours.
Student dress codes provide clothing that aims to contribute to a safe an supportive teaching and learning environment through:

  • ​Ready identification of students and non-students at school
  • Fostering a sense of belonging, and
  • Developing mutual respect by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.

​​Precise Uniform Details

  • Green/Gold Polo Shirt with school emblem
  • Black Ruggers/Poly Cotton shorts, tailored shorts and/or skorts
  • Bottle green/black wide brimmed hat or school logo hat which is available for purchase through P&C
  • Black tracksuit pants/leggings in winter
  • Bottle green or black jumpers in winter
  • Plain white standard socks, not ankle socks
  • Plain black shoes (white soles only are permitted)

At Barcaldine Prep - 12 State School the wearing of correct uniform is compulsory, as it is an important factor in developing self-respect and a sense of responsibility in the individual student. Wearing the school uniform fosters good tone and pride in the school community and the development of the school's traditions.

Responsible students will be well groomed at all times. Long hair is a risk element in practical subjects such as Art, Science, Industrial Technology and Design and Food and Fibre, and must be suitable restrained. Hair should be of natural colour. Accessories are to be dark in colour, preferably black or dark green and should not detract from the overall presentation of the school uniform. It is preferable that elaborate fashion items (head wear) are not worn to school.

​The school uniform does not include jewellery, except for the school badge, a watch and plain stud earrings or sleepers and no visible​ body jewellery. Parents requesting a variation to this are to provide a note to the Principal stating a request for alteration to the school uniform. Jewellery, other than that stipulated above and including body piercing and tattoos, may contravene relevant Workplace Health and Safety guidelines and should not be worn at school.

As part of the school's 'sun safe' strategy a wide brimmed hat is mandatory for students when they are not in a covered area. This includes planned sporting activities, lunch time play and any excursions out of the school. We also strongly encourage students to wear their hat to and from school each day.

For sun safety Reasons it is compulsory in state schools to wear sun shirts or T-Shirts during school water-based activities.

Students are required to wear closed in shoes at all times due to Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

In Secondary, appropriate black footwear is leather, as this is a requirement for practical subjects such as INTAD, Home Economics, Art, Science and Agriculture.

Parents and students are requested to ensure that all personal property and clothing is clearly marked with the Student's name.

Only clear nail polish is permitted.

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Last reviewed 22 June 2023
Last updated 22 June 2023